The Community’s Response to the Aurora Shooting: February 2019

aftermath of Aurora shooting

The February 2019 shooting in Aurora, IL was devastating on so many levels but it has brought the community together in many ways.

On the 15th of February, a shooter killed five people, injured a sixth, and wounded five Aurora police officers. However, with the help of the community of Aurora, the term “Aurora Strong” has made headway all over the world.

Aurora Strong

As unfortunate as it is, when tragedies occur, specifically shootings, places adopt the term “strong” into their names in order to promote healing, love, and strength. After the shooting in Aurora, the community came together to heal and grieve.

Community members such as graphic designers of Aurora created a logo followed by a tee shirt that has Aurora Strong on it in order to support the community of Aurora. Proceeds from these shirts were directly given to the Aurora Strong fund which was created for the families that suffered during the tragedy.

The mayor of Aurora announced that the Aurora Strong logo had been downloaded thousands of times, worldwide. The thousands of downloads that the Aurora Strong logo had reflects all of the love and support that the community of Aurora received during the time of healing.

Henry Pratt employees have also joined together to donate to the families that suffered during the shooting. The shooter was a Henry Pratt employee who had been fired prior to the shooting. All of the victims that were killed during the shooting were also Henry Pratt employees who left behind loving families, friends, and colleagues.

Moving Forward

While the community of Aurora still remains devastated by this tragic shooting, their efforts to come together and support the families that each of the victims left behind is having a great impact.

As tragedies and such may never come to an end, one thing that we can ensure is that communities like Aurora will be there to help and support the people that are impacted by these tragedies.