Our Favorite Aurora Outlet Mall Stores

our favorite Aurora mall stores

While online shopping has practically taken over, there are some people who still are able to find joy in traditional shopping at places like outlet malls. Outlet malls have been around for years, and as scarce as they may seem, there are still some of the best ones scattered all throughout the country, and specifically in Aurora, IL.

Chicago Premium Outlets is actually located in Aurora, despite its name. With over 150 different stores, this grand outlet mall is only located 40 minutes outside of Chicago.

Find out more about some of my favorite outlet mall stores in Aurora by reading further! With all of the shopping that exists, why not check out an outlet mall that has great deals, quality stores, and isn’t too far of a drive from Chicago?

Godiva Chocolatier

Surprisingly, this outlet mall store has some of the best chocolates to offer. While they are a national chain retailer, their chocolates have been around for decades. Typically found in malls, Godiva happens to be my all-time favorite chocolate store.

Shopping can often get intense, especially when the mall has 170 different stores to visit! It can be nice to pop into Godiva and have chocolate covered strawberries or even to buy a box to take home for later. Their treats never let me down, and when visiting the outlet mall in Aurora, I always ensure to stop by the Godiva Chocolatier.

Polo Ralph Lauren

One of the main reasons that I frequent the outlet mall in Aurora is to stop by Polo Ralph Lauren. The timeless attire that they offer has filled my closet for many years. Because the brand itself never goes out of style, I always make it a point to stop in for those soft tee shirts or extra thick sweatshirts that Polo never fails to create.

It’s hard to beat Polo Ralph Lauren attire, especially when it’s offered at such great prices. While some may argue that outlet mall stores only have “out of season” or even out of style attire, when it comes to Polo, that’s a hard case to make. Because Polo is so classic, their attire may never go out of style – that’s the beauty of it, and that’s one of the main reasons why it is my favorite store to hit at the outlet mall in Aurora.


I’ve been to a few outlet malls across the country that have had a limited amount of stores, which can be discouraging because outlets are supposed to be vast. However, when it comes to the stores at the Aurora outlet, I’m always in luck.

Due to the amount of traveling that people do these days, it can be helpful to have luggage that is of good quality but not crazy expensive. Samsonite is a store within the outlet mall that offers just that.

Their luggage and bag options are extensive which can be helpful for someone who tends to travel a lot. Whether I’m going just a state away or attending a conference across the country, Samsonite always has what I need.


Express Factory Outlet is essentially just a normal Express that’s apart of the outlet mall in Aurora. This factory outlet store never fails to please! With both business formal and business casual attire, they always have something that will fit my needs.

It can be difficult to find a clothing store that offers both men’s and women’s clothing, but Express at Chicago Premium Outlets does. With their wide range of styles and options, it comes in second place for my favorite clothing stores at the outlet mall.

Check out the Outlet Mall in Aurora today!

Being able to visit the outlet mall to upgrade the wardrobe can be helpful, especially when the quality is top notch and the prices are right – Throw in the chocolate truffles and you’ve had an entire outing!

Shopping in the Chicago area can be intimidating because there are so many options, but why not check out Aurora where the outlet mall has everything that one could practically need. Check out some of my favorite stores as well as the other 164 that surround it.